Office information gadget mounted on toy


I did small funny toy for office. Gadget mounted on motorcycle toy. Now I always know temperature, humidity and build status of some projects. Also it post temperature and humidity values to ThinkSpeak every hour and we have statistics :).

Office Status mounted on motorcycle toy

Parts that I have used:

  • Maisto BMW R1200GS
  • ESP8266-12e - brain of all, manage screen, sensors and fetch data from jenkins/codecov
  • DHT11 - temperature & humidity sensor(will be replaced with DHT2x)
  • OLED screen
  • Tic-Tac - cases made from this boxes

How report from ThingSpeak looks:

if you are interested in source code, feel free to contact me.

Gadget assembling

    2016-10-03 10:00:54      microcontroller esp8266 gadget

How I take photos of water crown


We can see water crown right after a water drop hits the water. So we have to take picture right after a water drop hits the water. It takes me about 20 milliseconds.

To do it in auto mode I use my camera with flash and Arduino. I use LDR and laser pointer to capture a water drop and IR led to trigger camera. The main thing is you have to capture a water drop while fooling down.

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    2015-07-30 10:00:00      photo arduino macro microcontroller

How to speak from Arduino to Python and back


While I have work on my pet project( a network of sensors) I have faced with the task to send data from Arduino to python backend and back.

At first, I want to say that I didn't use HTTP requests because my Arduino nodes don't have the internet connections just radio network to "Hub". And Hub retranslates what he receive by the radio channel to MQTT broker via the internet.

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    2016-12-19 16:00:00      python arduino microcontroller protobuf