WarGaming (Persha Studia)
python/django developer — 2013.01 – 2013.10

External API for games World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. http://wargaming.net/developers/

python/pylons developer — 2011.05 – 2012.12

Ukrainian eCommerce service with site builder for business and big catalog of products for customers. (available in 13 countries) http://prom.ua/ http://tiu.ru/

ActiveGift (startup)
lead python/django developer — 2011.04 – 2012.06

Place for discuss and choose right gifts for someone by group of friends. http://activegift.me/

python/django developer — 2010.06 – 2012.06

Development of eCommerce projects, booking sites, web projects optimization and deployment. http://bitpapaya.com/

42 Coffee Cups
python/django developer — 2010.09 – 2011.06

Outsource development of online stores, booking sites and services. http://42coffeecups.com/

python/django developer — 2009.04 – 2010.08

One of biggest catalog used vehicles in Ukraine. http://avtobazar.ua/

Finport Technologiens, Inc.
php/adobe flex developer — 2007.11 – 2009.03

Development of web-oriented patent search internal systems with PHP, Adobe Flex and WebOrb.


Languages: Python, JavaScript, PHP

Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Redis

Web-frontend: HTML, CSS, SASS, Less, jQuery, AngularJS, Backbone

Software versions control systems: GIT, Mercurial

Operation Systems: Mac OS X, Linux, Windows

Frameworks and tools: Django, Flask, Pylons, GAE, SQLAlchemy, Celery, ElasticSearch, AngularJS, Backbone, iOS/Android(learn from time to time)


Institute of Artificial Intelligence Problems, Donetsk, Ukraine

Software Development of Automated systems, Masters degree, 2008

College of Kyiv National Economic University, Kiev, Ukraine

Software Development of Automated systems, Specialist degree, 2005